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The National Church Leaders Forum (NCLF) aims to serve African and Caribbean churches by representing this constituency to government and policy makers, as well as acting as a conduit for information dissemination and advocacy. Here’s how your contribution helps NCLF.

More than ever before as Christians we need to speak up and speak out on the decisions that have eroded our family values, the mindset and behaviour of our young people and impact the quality of life for seniors and the most vulnerable of our society.

During the 2015 National Elections, the collective voice of African and Caribbean Christian resonated loud and clear when we published the first-ever Black Church Political ManifestoWe were able to mobilise our leaders in joining the debates and engaging at the highest points of government and in the media, colleges and universities, as well as community centres and of course our Churches.

Click here to download the Black Church Political Manifesto.





Government, MPs, Peers and Civic Leaders were unanimous in commending the manifesto, including Prime Minister David Cameron who called it “A marvelous piece of work”. More importantly, as leaders, professionals and active members of our Churches we stood side by side as a force for the common good.

We recognise that we cannot do these things without the support of churches and individual members. NCLF’s national work will compliment and empower churches to become even more effective in the communities we serve.

Here is a list of priorities and how you can contribute to our continued progress:

  • Praying for the work of NCLF as we serve African and Caribbean Churches in the UK and be a faithful witness in the community and in public square
  • Become a NCLF Volunteer
  • Become a regular donor
  • Join one of the nine Policy Groups (these include Church & Community, Policing & Criminal Justice, Mental Health, Youth and Education, Family & Marriage)
  • Recommend individuals and experts to join one or more of the Policy Groups (PG) to work with Government and policy makers to implement and develop the recommendations of the Manifesto.

We started together, let us take this next big step together and continue this success together.

Pastor Ade Omooba (left) and Dr R David Muir at the launch of NCLF ‘s Manifesto on 14th March 2015


Ade Omooba Co-Chair     Dr R. David Muir Co-Chair

The NCLF – National Church Leaders Forum is a Registered Company by Guarantee No. 9489782.

NCLF Steering Group: Dr R. David Muir Co-Chair, Pastor Ade Omooba Co-Chair, Bishop Dr Joe Aldred, Rev Celia Apeagyei-Collins, Dr Marcus Chilaka, Dionne Gravesande, Dr Michel Sacramento, Pastor Mabs Nkumu.