The National Church Leaders Forum (NCLF) extends its deepest sympathies to the Royal Family following the passing of HRH Queen Elizabeth II.

Britain’s Black Christian Community has always had the greatest respect for the Queen due to her faith, her fortitude and her commitment in serving this nation and the Commonwealth.

The Black Christian community will be praying for the Royal Family at this difficult time of personal and national bereavement. We will be asking God to comfort and strengthen them as they come to terms with their loss and make preparations for the Queen’s funeral.

When HRH Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne in 1952, she told the nation ‘I declare before you all that my whole life whether it be long or short shall be devoted to your service.’

Throughout her life HRH Queen Elizabeth II remained true to that declaration and has been a champion for the Christian faith she espoused through her personal witness and selfless service.

During her time on the throne she met with 15 elected British Prime Ministers and welcomed the Heads of State of many nations around the world including Barack Obama, the first black President of the United States and Nelson Mandela, the first elected President of South Africa following his release from prison for campaigning to end to apartheid.

The Black Christian community in Britain are aware of the difficult history shared between their ancestors and the British Monarchy, the effects of which are with us still today; and we look forward to the reign of King Charles III and the focus he will bring to our life together in Britain, the Caribbean, Africa and around the world as people all created in the image and likeness of God.

May Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Rest in Eternal Peace. God bless the King. May he serve in the spirit of his mother.


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