Moderator Of The Free Churches Group Inducted

Hugh Osgood – Free Church Moderator Press Release

The Revd Dr Hugh Osgood was inducted as the new Moderator of the Free Churches Group at an inspirational service in the Great Hall of Methodist Central Hall Westminster on Sunday evening. The induction service, which was attended by a culturally diverse congregation of some three hundred people, formed part of the regular worship at the Church at Methodist Central Hall and focussed on the summons to faithful Christian witness in the public square.

The worship reflected the rich diversity of the congregation, which included representatives from the twenty-four denominations of the Free Churches Group.  Music was provided by the Great Hall Organ, together with Maidenhead Salvation Army Band who led the congregation in the singing of some great Wesleyan hymns.  There were also contemporary worship songs led by Churches in Communities worship leader, Noel Robinson.

Speaking about the contemporary sensitivities, challenges and opportunities of Christian witness in the public square, Dr Osgood said ‘although there are sensitivities within the public square that must be respected, people’s needs cannot be overlooked, and the possibility of effective Christian engagement must not be ignored’.  He expressed the view that our personal relationship with Christ should work a greater degree of appropriateness within our witness and added that the diversity within the Free Churches Group is surely relevant when meeting the needs of a society that is equally diverse.

Commenting on the service at Methodist Central Hall, and on the appointment, the Superintendent Minister, Revd Martin Turner, said ‘Hugh Osgood has a great gift of insight into how the Christian faith engages with contemporary society. His wise and insightful leadership can do nothing but further both the work of the Free Churches and the work of the Kingdom of God in the coming four years.’

Dr Osgood, who was inducted to the Office of Moderator of the Free Churches Group for a four year term will also represent the Free Churches within Churches Together in England as the CTE Free Churches President, and is named as the patron, or honorary office-bearer, of over forty organisations.


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  2. The Free Churches Group is a network of 24 denominations in the Non-Conformist, Evangelical and Pentecostal traditions providing health care and prison chaplaincy services and education support from a Christian value base in England and Wales. It serves as the operational arm of The Free Church Federal Council Incorporated, a Charitable Company Limited by Guarantee (Company No. 00364987, Charity Registered No. 236878) established in 1940.