NCLF Black Christian Voice Add Its Expression Of Sadness Following London Bridge Attack

Black Church Leaders Statement of the London Bridge Attack

We are deeply shocked and saddened by the outrageous terrorist attack on innocent people going about their business in London last Saturday. This attack killed eight people and left over forty eight seriously injured.

Our deepest sympathy and condolences go out to all the families and friends of those killed and injured. With the Manchester attack last month that left 22 people dead and the attack on Westminster in March, this is third terrorist attack in the UK in as many months.

We believe hate cannot drive out hate therefore we denounce those who perpetuate these horrendous crimes in the name of religion. This is the time for all communities to come together with a vision of in solidarity and peace,  and together speak out against terrorism and extremism.

London is a great multi-faith and multi-cultural capital of a world that is interconnected to a global community through a web of relationships and commitments. When one hurts, we all hurt so it is incumbent on us all to work together to build peaceful communities where the dignity and respect of all life is valued.

Ade Omooba                                                     Dr R David Muir

Co-Chair                                                               Co-Chair

Expressed on behalf of

National Church Leaders Forum [NCLF]