NCLF Issues Statement Remark Duggan

Following the jury’s verdict on Wednesday at the inquest into the shooting of Mark Duggan on 4 August 2011, we would like to offer our sympathy to the Duggan family at this difficult time.

The verdict of ‘lawful killing’ was reached by the jury after sitting for three months listening to the evidence of 93 witnesses and deliberating for seven days.

There are conflicting and contradictory aspects of the case that the family are concerned about.

The family have asked for calm as they pursue a legal course of action to get answers to their questions and concerns, which is their right.

As the family, friends and supporters hold a vigil for Mark Duggan in Tottenham on Saturday, we hope that their wishes for a composed and peaceful vigil will be respected, and with their dignity upheld that the event will bring all communities together, working to rebuild trust in the community on which good policing depends.