OBV Voter Register Campaign – Bus In Windrush Square 26.02.15

This event will take place on Thursday 26 February 2015, at Windrush Square, Brixton, SW2 1JF.  The OBV eXpress bus will be open for people to register online from 12 noon until 3 pm.

Now 15 years old, Operation Black Vote seeks greater racial justice and equality throughout the UK, and say that they work, “specifically, but not exclusively within the democratic and civic framework to deliver our objectives.”

With many marginal seats up for grabs in the May 2105 elections, OBC are hoping to mobilise black voters to use the power of their vote – and that starts by ensuring that they are eligible to vote.

Here’s the full press release:

With our campaign bus OBV eXpress, Operaton Black Vote aim to target more than  1 million new voters, many in marginal seats which could decide who wins May’s 2015 General Election. OBV’s research has clearly shown that the Black and minority ethnic vote could be a deciding factor in up to 168 marginal seats.

On board the bus, we’ll have a bank of computers to enable individuals to register to vote online. All those coming to register to vote must bring their National Insurance number.

Although the bus is targeting BME voters, we are also working with other organisations including Operation Disability Vote and Bite the Ballot.

We hope many of you will come to Windrush Square to see the start of this bus tour that will include areas with high BME populations from Brixton to Bradford, to Birmingham to Bristol and more.

Our demand from all the political parties is that they have a clear plan how they will tackle race inequality, particularly in employment, education, and the criminal justice system.  Our strength to make those demands is by reclaiming democracy through participating.

Come down to Windrush Square on Thursday 12 noon, and let’s show all the political parties that we mean business and demand to be listened to.