Press Release: Black Church Leaders Encourage Community To Vote In EU Elections



The EU Referendum in June 2016 will be a once in a generation decision. Voting to remain in the European Union or voting to leave the European Union will radically affect all of us for decades to come. It is important that churches remind members to make sure that they are registered to vote by 7 June. We call upon all faith and community leaders to encourage their respective constituencies to vote on Thursday, 23 June 2016.

In the NCLF [National Church Leaders Forum] 2015 Church Manifesto we stated:

“Political engagement is part of our civic duty and Christian responsibility. We encourage BMC [Black Majority Church] leaders to do more to promote and teach the importance of active citizenship and political engagement for the common good.”

It is incumbent therefore on all of us to consider diligently the pros and cons of remaining in or leaving the EU and then to cast our votes according to our convictions about what is in the best interest of us all.

Ade Omooba                                      Dr R David Muir

Co-Chair                                             Co-Chair

Signed on behalf of

National Church Leaders Forum [NCLF]



  1. The National Church Leaders Forum consists of key leaders in the African and Caribbean churches in the UK. The NCLF Steering Committee is co-Chaired by Pastor Ade Omooba and Dr R David Muir.
    2. The Co-Chairs are available for media interviews, as guest speakers or panellists. For arrangements please contact NCLF Administrator – Juliet Fletcher on +44(0)20 7117 2637. Email Social Media: Twitter: @NCLFNEWS
    3.TheNCLF published a Manifesto which can be downloaded from or the printed version ordered by sending a large A4 SAE envelope to: NCLF Administrator c/o 101 Peckham High Street, London SE15 5RS.