Queens Require ‘Tutor In Black Theology….’

Queens are advertising a post for ‘Tutor in Black Theology, Ministries and Leadership’.  Please note and forward to whomever you feel may be interested.  Information at this link:http://www.queens.ac.uk/news/article/tutor-in-black-theology-ministries-and-leadership/

The Queen’s Foundation is committed to serving the churches of the West Midlands region, and to enabling the mission and ministry of today’s Church. There is always plenty going on in the life of the Foundation, and our student body is a very varied one. We have ministers in training at the start of their careers, and also those with many years of ministerial experience behind them. You’ll find lay people engaged in working full-time towards a theology degree, or those just wanting to do an evening class once a week. Some of our students are pursuing high-level research, whilst others are seeking to grapple with the implications of the gospel for their particular context and community. Whatever your theological interest, we seek to help you live graciously and generously as part of the diverse body of Christ, passionately committed to loving God and sharing God’s gospel of love with others.

Our Values Celebrate The Gifts And Resources God Has Given Us:

  • We are committed to honouring, celebrating and respecting the different traditions of our three sponsoring churches and learning together what it means to be faithful to our roots while growing into new ways of being church;
  • We strive to be inclusive, celebrating our diversity of ethnicity and culture, committed to learning more just and truthful ways of being the Body of Christ;
  • We seek richer and deeper ways of working with and contributing to the life of other Christian communities and other partners in the region;
  • We aim to fashion our teaching and learning drawing on the best practices of adult education, helping all to be responsible participants in their learning, valuing openness and searching enquiry;
  • We aspire to nurture communities characterised by habits of gracious acceptance, openness, respect, honesty, and challenge, which are rooted in prayer and are open to the disturbing and comforting Spirit of God.