Spotlight Feature: Chrispel Media – Designers Of NCLF New Logo

The first SPOTLIGHT feature for 2014 belongs to Marie Reid, creator of the new NCLF logo. Marie explains the creative ideas behind the new logo and shares on the services her company offers. 1. What inspired you to design the new NCLF logo?

I felt that NCLF Needed something strong, distinct yet friendly to represent a theme and after a few different design directions this one stood out from the rest.2. How long have you been in business?

Chrispel Meida has over 20 years of design experience under it’s belt working with Private and public sector ogranisations and charities.3. The strapline for your business ‘Image Is Everything’. What does that mean to you and What does that mean for your clients (like Churches and Christian in Business)

The moto for the design arm of Chrispel Media is:  Image is everything because we recognise that your clients make a decision about your organisation or business or event within minutes so the your first impression means everything.
4. How do you like to work with your client?

We like to be clear on exactly what our clients want, to know what they don’t want and be sure to more than satisfy their needs, comments like “i’m excited about my new busines now” and “you’ve given me a real problem now, I don’t know which one to choose from they are all great” are comments we love to hear.5. What  range of services do you offer?

Chrispel Media is a solutions provider, catering for needs that matter to you.Chrispel Media is a solutions provider, catering for needs that matter to you.  With expertise in particular areas of media and music we are able to provide have a high level of customer service.  Perhaps you are considering a starting a community choir or school choir, then Chrispel Media is your partner of choice.  Chrispel Media have a team of experts who have over 20 years of experience.

We offer:
Graphic design services 

Blue 40 offers bespoke graphic design services, offering Tailor-made business solutions, catering to your every need at the highest quality. With over 20 years experience the the graphic design industry our blue40 design business  is exactly what you need to stand out from the crowd.

Website services

Need to build a website? Would like you site to have more functionality? Are you concerned about your website being a more effective communication tool? Chrispel Media experienced technicians is your effective friendly answer. With the immediate in-house support of Blue 40 graphic design services you really have a one-stop facility.

Training services

We work with individuals and groups. We have had the pleasure of help churches set up their our choirs which are still continuing today and have become an important part of their church growth.Our music trainers have years of experience in community initiatives with summer classes for teenagers. Past music training projects included a 10 week choir program’s to develop singers as a group, which aided in confidence building and developing new friendships.Music services

We promote and sell new Christian music and organise church tours and events for our artiste. Our aim is for our music to reach the world through all possible mediums. 

Recording Artists/Praise & Worship Leaders - and Creative Entreprenuers

Recording Artists/Praise & Worship Leaders – and Creative Entreprenuers

Clif and Marie are mainstream Christian Gospel Artists and are the first actgroup under the Chrispel Media Label.  With 1 album and 3 singles, and over 50 events this year under their belt, they are moving in the right direction. 

To find out more about Clif and Marie visit their website

MarketingWe have our own team of experienced marketers who have previously worked forBritish Airways and other clients. This division of Chrispel Media aims to guide you through the marketing process while training you to be able to continue on your own.6. Give 3 big tips for a Church setting up its image?

Know what you want your church image to reflect i.e praise, unity, love etc.
Get a professional to help you get reflect what you are aiming to convey
Let everything you do help strengthen that brand so that you become identified by the image that has been created.
7. What are your contact details?

I have attached an email sign off image for you to use.8. How do you work your pricing?

Each project is different we will always give you a free quote for you to make up your mind.9. Do you have a portfolio of work to view and Testimonials?Chrispel Media takes your concept and words and combine them into a remarkable transcendent fusion which transits your message to the targeted demography. Whatever you want to say, say it using Blue40.
Dr Claudette KingThe design staff offer a first class service, they know and understand  our company and clients, producing campaigns that reflect our communication style. We appreciate your work.
Claudine Reid MBE