Voices From Black Led-Churches – Standing Together Against Racial Injustice

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Voices from Pastors of Black Led-Churches

Standing Together Against Racial Injustice

As faith groups we are standing in unity, to speak out against the injustices. We may all be greatly concerned with the current events that are taking place in the USA with the killing of Black people and those who have been harmed by the police. The fear, anger, and distress are also being felt in the UK and other parts of the world. When having to deal with the issue and effects of racism, some people say they don’t know what to say, what to do, or know how to react. Our response is that if you are a human being, and if you see or hear about a fellow human being experiencing mistreatment, don’t look away, say something and do something if you possible to help correct the injustice. We should be moved even more so to speak and act when someone has been subjected to such cruelty and died as a result like George Floyd and all others who have died under similar circumstances.

We have gathered several statements from key Pastors of Black-led Churches across the city, Wales and also from the Deputy Lord Mayor of Bristol Cllr Carole Johnson. The Keyboard Trust feels that there has to be a coming together and a rising up of individuals, churches, and professional bodies, where we face up to the issues no matter how hard and come alongside others who are hurting in solidarity. So that together we can build strategic actions and move forward towards a better world. Prayer plays an important part in all of human life and activity so let’s petition for the Lord’s intervention to restore law, order and justice.

Please see the attached Press release outlining the statements.

For more information Contact: Keyboard Networker, Carmen Carrol Tel: 07904 583 865