50 Years Since “I Have A Dream” Dr King Jnr Speech

NCLF Newsletter Editor Picks 12 Leading Stories From 2013 No.9

Racial Justice Sunday enables Christian communities across Britain and Ireland with the opportunity to focus on the issue of ending racism and racial inequality.

On Racial Justice Sunday 2013, churches, schools, groups and individuals are invited to mark the day by mobilising together in prayer, work and action to raise awareness of the 50th Anniversary of the ‘I have a Dream’ speech by Dr MartinLuther King and to ask 50 years on, where are we now?

The 28 August 2013 marks the 50th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther King Junior’s monumental ‘I have a Dream’ speech. The speech spoke about all God’s people living in freedom and peace in a world governed by truth and justice. It called for liberty, equality and justice for all people, regardless of their racial heritage. Dr King’s dream centred on a ‘Beloved Community’, a society built on justice, equality and freedom for all God’s people which was rooted in scripture, particularly in Revelation 7:9-10. The speech remains an inspirational call for us to work for a fairer and more