Churches Take Stand Against Corruption

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EXPOSED is a global call to action against corruption which is both a cause and consequence of poverty. It is a response of the Christian Church inspired from the Bible and is committed to promote practical steps for ethical behaviour in business, government, the Church and society as a whole. It aims to position Christians as advocates and practitioners of justice and transformation in the nations we are called to serve.

Churches are being challenged to demonstrate their concern for corruption throughout the world by holding vigil services between October 14th thru 24th. The organisation Micah Challenge – instrumental in the Make Poverty History campaign – has now created the EXPOSED initiative with resources to guide individuals,

churches, businesses, non-governmental organisations, community-based organisations and parliamentarians on how they can make an impact against Corruption practices.

Churches in particular are asked to:

Preach sermons on integrity and against corruption | Pray regularly for leaders to have integrity, concern for the poor and strength to fight corruption | Set up a Bribe Book in your church where people can anonymously report if they have paid bribes | Share this Bribe Book regularly with local authorities and call on them to take action | Check on your nation’s status re UNCAC and support its implementation