Bishop Dr Eric Brown – Re-Elected For 2nd Term

Bishop Dr Eric Brown – Re-Elected As CTE Pentecostal President

The process for electing the next CTE Pentecostal President has been concluded and Bishop Dr Eric Brown has been re-elected to serve a second term to run from October 2015 to the end of September 2017.

Bishop Dr Eric Brown Profile

With over 40 years of ministerial experience Bishop Eric Brown currently serves the Church of God as a member of its World Missions Board responsible for co-ordinating the international missions in over 188 countries; and as pastor and superintendent in the borough of Lambeth.Until August 2014 he served as Administrative Bishop in the United Kingdom for an unprecedented three four-year terms, as well as Regional Superintendent for Ireland and Norway. 

Bishop Brown was elected as the first Pentecostal President of CTE in 2013 and has worked assiduously to ensure that Pentecostalism is fully recognised and respected within and beyond the Christian community. He is Co-Founder of the Haringey Peace Alliance, Co-Founder & Chair of Trustees for Citizens UK, Former member of the Parole Board, Former member of Her Majesty’s Commission for Racial Equality, Former member of the General Council of the Evangelical Alliance, Former General Secretary/Treasurer for the Afro West Indian United Council of Churches, Alumnus of the European Theological Seminary (Germany), Member of the Evangelical Alliance’s One People Commission.  He has been married to Millicent for 44 years and is a father to three sons and grandfather of seven.

Bishop Dr Eric Brown giving a speech following his appointment in 2013 as the first ever CTE Pentecostal President