Government Stop And Search Public Consultation: Voice Your Views

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The Home Secretary, The Rt Hon Theresa May MP, has launched a public consultation on the police powers of stop and search and is looking for the voice of leaders from the Black Church Community to be included.

In an expressed view the Home Secretary stated that Stop and Search is an  important tool in tackling crime and anti-social behaviour. Its is especially important in relation to combating gangs, knife crime and drug offences. But stop and search must be applied fairly and in a way that builds community confidence in the police rather than undermining it.

Is this view your view too? Do you feel our communities have been unduly affected by the stop and search policy? It is a waste of police time and tax payers monies?

The consultation will give people the chance to have their say about the future use of stop and search. The hope is that it will inform plans to get stop and search right.