NCLF Condemns Brutal Killing Of Drummer Lee Rigby

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PRESS RELEASE ; Statement For Immediate Release
24th May 2013

We offer our deep sympathy to the family and friends of Army Drummer Lee Rigby who was so brutally murdered in Woolwich on Wednesday 22 May 2013. We stand in prayerful solidarity with them at this time as they mourn the loss of a son, husband, father, friend and servant of our country.

This act of barbarism has shocked the local community and the nation. We condemn it in the strongest terms as something that has no place in any civilised society. Those who perpetuate such atrocities forfeit their right to participate in our multicultural and multi-faith community; and they must know they will never be allowed to destroy our hope of a peaceful, prosperous and cohesive United Kingdom and world.

We call upon all sections of our community to remain calm and continue to work together to ensure our communities remain safe places for all our citizens, especially our children and grandchildren.

Going forward our country faces major challenges in supporting our youths to resist radicalized ideologies that feed local and global terror practiced by those willing to die for what they misguidedly believe.
It is our hope and prayer that all faith and community leaders will increase their efforts to ensure that every local community remains united in peace and good will.


National Church Leaders Forum – A Black Christian Voice, Steering Group
Pastor Ade Omooba, Co-Chair
Dr David Muir, Co-Chair
Pastor Modupe Afolabi
Dr Joe Aldred
Pastor Celia Appiagyei-Collins
Ms Dionne Gravesande
Dr Michel Sacramento
Pastor Yisuku Tito

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