NCLF Press Release Reaction Against Knife And Gun Crimes

National Church Leaders Forum – a black Christian voice calls for a stop to gun and knife violence

Over the past four months more than 52 young people across Britain have lost their lives to gun and knife violence, much of this has happened in London.  One murder is one too many, and murders of this magnitude are unacceptable! Much good work with young people is being done across the country, however the current situation has become critical for us and urgent action needs to be taken.  All people are born of the substance of the Divine Image of God and worthy of the greatest human fulfilment.

NCLF also expresses concern for the well-being of young people everywhere, the international prevalence of high murder rates in cities with poor socio-economic conditions particularly amongst children and young people currently caught up in war zones such as Syria. We pray for cities in Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, the United States, South Africa, Columbia, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, El Salvador, Guatemala all featuring in the top 50 worst for murder rates.  NCLF cites the need for international dialogue about the spiritual, social, economic and political conditions in which young people live today.

Together with the Government, Police, other National Bodies, Church and Community Organizations we want to build constructive and just solutions. The family remains the foundation of any healthy and progressive society; if the foundation be broken then we must rebuild stable and healthy families that strengthen shared community values.

NCLF calls for

  1. Better parenting and special attention where fathers are absent from young people’s lives
  2. A national moment of mourning for victims of gun and knife crime, through prayer and reflection
  3. Increased resources for specialist organisations and initiatives dealing with deterrence and withdrawal from gangs
  4. Increased funding for local youth project working towards social, economic and political aspirations

And NCLF supports

  1. The call for an urgent roundtable discussion with the Home Secretary’s office to discuss the issues and develop constructive community partnership initiatives
  2. The London Mayor’s call for empowering the police for a ‘targeted stop and search’ program in the areas of high risk
  3. Teaching of social responsibility, self-reliance, self-determination


For more information contact: NCLF Co-Chairs

Pastor Ade Amooba 07956 007150 and Dr. R David Muir 07530 780110



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