The 2017 Oliver Lyseight Annual Lecture 18th February At NTCG Northampton

The 2017 Oliver Lyseight Annual Lecture will be held on 18th February 2017 at 12.30 – 4.30pm at NTCG College Street, Northampton. 
This year the Guest Lecturer is Charlotte Johnson

Charlotte Johnson MSc, FCMI, FCIPD, a dedicated passionate woman of God who lives by the principle of “serving God through serving His people”. She is an active member of the Willesden NTCG and has a good record of voluntary engagement in her local community. She served as a magistrate, chair of governors and is currently an executive trustee of a charity for people with learning disabilities. In addition to her voluntary roles, Charlotte is a Human Resources professional in the public sector.

Charlotte is particularly interested in applied theology and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry qualification through the NTCG Leadership Training Centre in partnership with the Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland, USA.

The growing Pentecostal movement during our time is concerned with gaining a deeper understanding of what Pentecostal theology and Pentecostal hermeneutic (s) really mean. Recent Christian history through the development of Wesleyanism has influenced theological methodology and our Pentecostal perspective. This has led to renewed focus on the relationship of Scripture, Reason, Tradition and Experience in our faith journey. This lecture will seek to continue the discussion around theological reasoning and raise questions considered pertinent to our 21st century Pentecostal perspective.

‘Every serious education institution needs an annual lecture to analyse the past and chart the future. The Black British church in the 21st century needs direction and leadership now more than ever. The NTCG Leadership Training Centre throws down the gauntlet for its leaders to then accept or decline the challenge.’ Rev Kevin Shaw