NCLF’s Prison, Police, And The Black Community – Overrepresented And Under Protected.

NCLF would like to thank all those who took the time to attend “NCLF’s Prison, Police, and the Black Community – Overrepresented and Under protected.”
We had representation from professionals, academics, and practitioners. The conversation was particularly enriched by men and women who shared their lived experiences. Together these voices gave insight, information, and understanding about the work needed to support women and men in and/or coming out of the prison system.

If you miss the event, you can watch the replay here or click the link to watch
Please share with your networks and anyone who might be interested in the conversation.

NCLF will continue to work with allies and partners to take forward the suggestions and recommendations made. If you want to get involved get in touch with us at or contact Joe Aldred on Facebook.